121212The day following the primaries of the Democratic Party having taken place in Iowa, statements of one of the most probable presidential nominee from the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, about Vladimir Putin made a real scoop within the framework of international political community. Firstly Mrs. Clinton called Putin a hooligan who would grab as much as he can and will go on doing so before he is stopped. Afterwards she suddenly declared that America needs to reload the relations with Russia which in her judgment is pretty possible. During her speech she called Putin to be a complex person requiring specific approach but the US have to cooperate with him. She mentioned that it pertains to the American interests and that it is essential to prevent the situation similar to that in Europe and Syria spawned by Putin.

Surprisingly the latest developments such as bombing in Syria, petrol price fall, terrorist attack in Paris etc have rapidly rubbed out any memories about the Boeing MH17 crash not only from the head of a common citizen but from that of one of the principal presidential nominees from the Democratic Party. Perhaps against the backdrop of the latest tragic events the perception of the high-ranking politicians of the catastrophe having brought away the lives of 298 people has become fuzzy? But as a result it is always Putin’s blame.

Even though there are similar statements resounding, being expressed by seemingly serious politicians in spite of “Bellingcat ” private agency has recently submitted to the Netherlands Public Prosecutor’s office a detailed report containing names and photos of the Russian servicemen involved in the MH17 flight crash, according to the agency’s investigation outcome. People listed in the report took part in BUK-M1 air defense missile system delivery from Kursk – the town where the air defense missile brigade is located, to Torez, which is situated in the territory beyond Ukrainian control. They supervised the launch of the missile that shot down the civil airliner and thereafter towed the missile system back to the Russian territory.

It seems like as the date of issuing the report concerning the Boeing crash was looming, the Kremlin precipitated to eliminate the key actors of that tragedy. On January 4, 2016 information about sudden death of Igor Sergun hit the headlines of the Internet media. That was the person who took a direct part in designing the operation. A lot of people expressed their condolence to his family but only Russian Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, in his speech used the term “perished”. Obviously there is no sense in explaining the difference between “dead” and “perished”. Igor Sergun was the key figure in the Boeing MH17 crash and certainly he was aware of all the relevant details pertaining to this failed operation of Russian special services. He could have become principal witness in the international tribunal during the trial.

It is also noteworthy that Russia was doing whatever it could to impede the creation of the International tribunal that would deal with the MH17 crash.

Despite Russian officials are evidently involved in the airplane crash with 298 civilians on board, sometimes renowned European politicians such as Berlusconi, Marine le Pen, Nicola Sarkozy and others in the course of their speeches impel to more flexible relations with Russia. Thus in Eastern Europe there are two political outcasts, Victor Orban and Milosh Zeman, who are close to start embracing Putin. Apparently they forgot fundamental values of the European people, namely humanism and life of each and everybody.

It appears that the latest developments have pushed aside the MH17 crash investigation as the world tends to forget who the main culprit in this tragedy is. Even though due to latest speeches of European politicians arises: “Whether anybody among the sane people do really believe that Putin was unaware of Russian troops carrying the air defense missile system to the Ukrainian territory which is designed to hit the air targets?” At the same time everybody realizes that the airplane was shot down by the Russian missile system.

So why do the politicians, journalists and common citizens have such an elusive memory? Why did it come possible for Mrs. Clinton who is so willing to become the US President to let herself promulgate ideas concerning reload of relations with Russia? With Putin’s Russia! Objectively this person has to become an international community pariah as his hands are already covered with blood of 298 people. In fact this number is way bigger due to thousands of people killed in Donbass aside hundreds or thousands of those killed in Syria. Putin dare call Syria an excellent training ground for the Russian troops, as well as Syrian people, civil objects and social infrastructure are perfect targets for dropping bombs and testing the accuracy of the modern Russian rocket systems.

What reload can one be talking about?

P.S.: For this moment there is no sentence passed by the Hague tribunal but all in all everybody is conscious that the President of the Russian Federation is a criminal!

For this reason veritable, responsible politicians, as opposed to the corrupt journalists, and everybody who estimates humanism as a highest value of the modern civilized society should not tolerate such verbal equilibrations impelling to a reload, flexible relations and other hints suggesting alteration of the attitude towards this person. And it isn’t the case of Ukraine or Syria, but of the basic principles of the modern civilized society.

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