Two events have been highlighted by world media in March 22.
Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko was sentenced to 22 years. Trial finished mostly predictably, so there’s no need to discuss it.
Even though the main tragical event of Tuesday was terrorist attack in the heart of Europe – Brussels. This tragedy is a incredible in terms of its virulence and scale as well as of the death toll and therewith reminded of a terrorist attack in Paris last year.
The whole world was shocked by this attack and expressed its sorrow to the Belgian people, politicians expressed their support, and people brought flowers to embassies around the world.
EU leaders declared this case to be an assault on the European unity and values.
But here what we can see looking at some Russian officials’ reaction:
Alexander Pushkov, secretary of the State Duma international relations committee:
“While Stoltenberg, getting carried away, battles the imaginary “Russian threat” and stations troops in Latvia, people are being blown up in Brussels right under his nose.”
Gennady Zyuganov, secretary of the Communist Party:
“Europe pays by blood for not having their prudent policy and for their obedience to Uncle Sam”
Vladimir Zhirinovsky, deputy head of the State Duma of Russian Federation, head of LDPR, at “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” TV show on “Russia24” propaganda channel, stated:
“Russia is not Europe. Terrorist attacks are happening in Europe. And they are likely to occur in future. And it’s good for us. Let them die and suffer. What are you waiting for? Let them come here and implore”
Here’s the real face of the “Russian world”! Without any sorrow or condolence! Nothing but malevolence and cynicism. It is another evidence of moral degradation of Russian ruling regime. It’s already known that ”Zhirinovsky reveals what Russian nation conceals”
Additional proof to this theory may be the fact that Russian pro-Putin channel “NTV” posted an updated profile picture of one of its journalists from Brussels showing disgusting sign with a Belgium flag in the background on the channel’s Facebook page. Looks like site administrator supposed it to be acceptable for such media.
This is so called “highly spiritual Russian world”
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