Phenomenon of Crimean election

Russian President has signed a federal law about election to the Crimean State Council and to Sevastopol Legislative Assembly, which would take place on September 14. Ukraine has already called these election as illegal and warned coordinatiors to be under criminal prosecution. Due to high represive activity of russian law enforcement agencies agains those who didn’t recognize occupation especially Crimean tatars, this election is nothing other than a farce.

According to numerous testimonies of international observers, local activists and Crimean Tatars leaders , in the Crimea peninsula there is a systematic violation of human rights, particularly against Crimean Tatar population. Today we can observe the open opposition to the Mejlis legislative activity as a deprivation educate their children in their native language, muslims persecution, illegal searches in mosques, madrassas and houses, kidnapping of the Crimean Tatar, the ban on the holding of peaceful demonstrations and meetings, giving the status «non grata» for the Crimean tatars leader Mustafa Dzhemilev, Chairman of the Mejlis Refat Chubarov and his adviser Ismet Yuksel.

Local Police intentionally hushed up the investigation of killings and disappearances of the Crimean Tatars. Untill now we haven’t received any official explanations of the Akhmedov’s incident, who was detained with a large number of witnesses and taken to an unknown destination. We have no information about three civil activists: Leonid Korsch, Timur Shaimardanova and Seyran Znetdinove, disappeared in May 2014. Today the indigenous population of the Crimea is under policy of intimidation, particulary, activists are called for questioning to the Russia Federal Security Service and the Mejlis’ members homes are seached without cause.

Mejlis Chairman Refat Chubarov compared this policy of self-proclaimed authorities against activists and people with great prestige in society with the moral terror. How else could we consider their actions against the Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev? Recently Mr. Dzhemilev has received the summons for questioning, despite acting ban on entry into the territory of Crimea. So, such a move could be called as the occupation authorities warning that during the election period it is better not to appear in the Crimea, otherwise he will be arrested.

Mustafa Dzhemilev has openly expressed his opinion that systematic violation of human rights and prosecution of crimean tatars won’t ean till Crimea is free of Russian occupation. The crimean tatars called not anly to crimean tatars but also to all conscious population of Crimea to ignore the election of September, 14.

The head of Majlis R.Chubarov supported him and mentioned that nowadays in Crimea ”every journalist or editor has been warned about extremist activity”. To his opinion Russian federal security service does its best to provoke mass leaving of the active representatives of crimean-tatar society for the continent ”to crush the crimean tatars’ Majlis as an organized power”. It is a well-known fact that Crimean self-declared authorities blackmail Crimean people end threaten them to deprive of their social benefits if they don’t take part in the election.

Taking into account the current situation we can say for sure that the serious pressure of the occupation authorities will make many people to vote against their will. Mr. Chubarov proposed to organize the international monitoring under the aegis of UNO or OSCE in orderto estimate the situation of human rights’ observance in occupated by Russia Crimea. According to the Majlis head, the September, 14 Crimean election is an immitation of the election process on the territory of Crimea. He is sure that the turn out and the results of the voting will be falsificated. Chubarov said – «There is no election in Crimea. There is an immitation and the results are already known».

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