d21a952a6bfda17d02c3be8787f92885_XLNowadays international community suffers the need to slap a ban on the production of special weaponry which is vigorously used by terrorist cells all around the world. Primarily, this lies with the unguided light-weighted MLRS of Russian make.

As by the unconditional warfare, the foregoing type of weapons is standard among all terrorist factions.

Regardless of officially pursuing the policy of “revolution prohibition”, which was declared on the level of UN SC in 2014, Russia continues its double-standard approach spilling into heavy arms handovers to the terrorist groups globally.

This is translated into practice both through licensed and unlicensed manufacturers beyond the borders of Russia, including a bunch of state stockpiles and private companies located in Sudan, Syria, Iran as well as grey areas on the world’s map.

The importance of initiating the process of prohibition on specialized weaponry falling in hands of international terrorism and the necessity of their trade to be grouped into category of unconditional weapons deliveries rose after 2014 after their heavy use on the part of Russian terrorists against Ukraine as well as the rev-up of hostilities of Islamic Caliphate in Syria.

Russia switched from the tactics of communist spy cells expansion to the synonymous approach of spreading Russian financial, political and military clout around the world and utilization of terrorist methods, which transformed into spooking the world with “anonymous” seemingly no-link-to-Russia terrorist attacks of the third powers, i.e. Islamic Caliphate.

Currently the European continent, in particular Ukraine (along with Myanmar, South Sudan and Mali), witnesses the biggest frontline combating regular terrorist groups characterized by full-fledged weaponry and logistics.

The frontline in Syria and Iraq is smaller, let alone the weapons and equipment of Islamic Caliphate, then those present with the pro-Russian terrorist groupings on the eastern border of Ukraine, which are on the tiptoe to steamroll into Odessa and Tiraspol further into Balkan Peninsula to reach the long-awaited goal of Russia, namely to fully destabilize the EU.

Back to the USSR-elaborated but Russian-inherited MLRS, it should be mentioned that those systems primarily include light portable MLRS “Partisan”, which is a shoulder-transported unguided rocket system “Grad-P” (9P132).

The creation and mass production of this weapon system was inspired only due to political goals of the USSR, but was never inducted into its army.

Such politically-sensitive aims took shape in wielding the policy of “red terror” via terror attacks masterminded from Moscow or its client countries.

The first batch of MLRS “Partisan” (around 200 pieces) was shipped to the North Vietnam during the war with the USA for the South Vietnam.

The second batch (approximately 400 pieces) was delivered by the USSR security services to Cuba under the color of the necessity to secure military intervention of this country against the legal government of South Angola.

For the record, in November 1975 practically on the eve of Angola being declared independent, USSR-supported Cuba launch a large-scale military intervention to back up pro-communist MPLA against pro-western FNLA and UNITA, which were bolstered by the USA, SAR and Zaire.

Along with the aforementioned batch, MLRS “Grad-P” was spotted in 12 other countries.

The Angola-followed shipments of this system turned into multitudes. Moreover, many regions with unstable political and military situation saw the establishment of local MLRS “Grad-P” illicit production lines assisted by Soviet / Russian security services.

The world saw the upgrade of those old-new MLRS during the attacks of HAMAS and Hezbollah launched against Israel within 2003-2007.

Today Russian experts accelerated their work on the next-stage upgrades pf military systems to be used in the conflict between Sudan and South Sudan.

Noteworthy, there are certain earmarks that Russian “Grad-P” and similar military systems of Sudanese make has appeared with standing units of Islamic Caliphate.

Finally, Russia showed its savageness to the whole world. Having invaded the territory of the neighboring state and dished weaponry to terrorist on the global scale, Moscow craves for the spread of “chekist terrorism”, which imposes a daunting threat to the international security system.

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